QuestionsDefine: Withdrawal and Repression (Selective Forgetting)?
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Withdrawal:  When faced with a challenging circumstance, some individuals tend to withdraw. They make every effort to avoid circumstances that would be mentally taxing. They are cautious and insecure because of failure and criticism.   For instance, a person who fears success in social situations would avoid hanging out with other classmates. He could choose to stay at home or be by himself, and he might forgo sports or social events.   Repression (Selective Forgetting): Selective forgetting is a common term used to describe repression. By blocking uncomfortable feelings from entering consciousness, it is the most effective defense mechanism for assisting the person in managing their risky wants and reducing the danger. Repression aims to avoid uncomfortable information from entering the conscious mind.   Uncomfortable experiences, however, simply never go away and still have an impact on how we behave. For instance, a person who suppresses memories of the hardships he endured as a youngster may find it difficult to establish healthy connections in his adult years.