QuestionsCharacteristics of Guidance and Counselling
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  • It is a process: Guidance is a process by which an individual sets his/her goals, makes plans and works out their problems.
  • Guidance is a continuous process: It is important as a part of the human body, guidance is needed from childhood to old age to make an individual’s life better by their means.
  • It is a service meant for everyone: Guidance is a service which is required at every stage of a student’s life, it is not only meant for brighter students or young men or children but for all from youth to old from bright to abnormal students.
  • Specialized and generalized service: Guidance is a generalized service because everyone like teachers, tutors, parents, advisors, etc plays part in this programme. It is a specialized service because specially qualified persons like counselors, psychiatrists, and psychologists join and help the individual.
  • It serves as an assistant rather than direction: It focuses on the development of self-guidance and self-improvement through an increased understanding of an individual’s problems.