List of Personality Tests, with importance and characteristics in Guidance and Education

According to Morton Prince, “the sum total of the biological innate disposition, impulses, tendencies, aptitudes and instincts of the individual and the dispositions and tendencies acquired by experience.”

According to G. W. Allport, “personality is the dynamic organization within the individual of those psycho-physical systems that determine his unique adjustment to his environment.”

In sum, personality is an organized total of mental, social, physical, moral, emotional, and other traits in a man.

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Characteristics of Personality in Guidance

  • Every person has an own personality, which is why there are no established guidelines in psychology.
  • A person’s personality is the result of how their innate characteristics interact with their surroundings.
  • Personality is not the same as having a fantastic body or looking nice.
  • Each personality is arranged in accordance with a clear arrangement of wants and goals.
  • It is a dynamic attribute rather than something fixed or static. Personality development is a continuous process that aids in preserving harmony in life.
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Methods of Assessing Personality in Psychology:

List of Personality Tests in Guidance:

The personality cannot be entirely understood or analysed, however it may be somewhat comprehended. It is incredibly challenging to quantify personality. Nevertheless, efforts are being undertaken to quantify it. Typically, the following techniques are employed to evaluate personality:

  • Questionnaires
  • Observation method
  • Case history method
  • Interview method
  • The rating scales
  • Personalities inventories
  • Autobiography method
  • Projective techniques
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Importance of Personality Tests in Guidance

  • Personality assessments enable a person to evaluate their personality traits critically, which may help them develop their personalities.
  • These exams aid in identifying students who are well-adjusted at home or in our community. These pupils can receive the necessary advice and assistance.
  • They aid in foreseeing potential future development directions, and counsel was given in accordance with that.
  • Educational institutions can better comprehend a child’s growth by using personality tests and rating scales, and advice is then given in accordance with that understanding.
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