Qualities of a Good Counsellor in Education

characteristics of a counsellor

Good basic intelligence

The counsellor must have a mind that can use knowledge, which has been obtained through experience, formal teaching or otherwise.

Wide general information

The counsellor should have wide general information. He should have a wide knowledge of the world and its ways, especially in the field of occupations. While that knowledge needs to be all-around knowledge, it should not be meagre.

Intensive Special Information

The field of occupation is his special concern. He should not only know the possibilities for future employment, but also the various roads of education and training leading to them.

Knowledge of People

The counsellor should possess a vast knowledge of people. He should know about various kinds of people and their motives, inhibitions, desires and aims.

Special Skills

The counsellor should be skilful in the use of certain techniques especially:

  • The technique of testing,
  • The technique of interviewing,
  • The technique of finding jobs and
  • The techniques of placing people in those jobs.

Special Personal Qualities

The counsellor should have both sympathy and objectivity. He should have an integrated personality. He should have the urge to help others, but he should not ignore their weaknesses.

Respect for Personal Autonomy of the client

The counsellor should feel that every person has the right to take his decision. Hence he should take every step to build up the self-responsibility of his client.

Belief in Client’s capacity of adjustment

The counsellor should have a firm belief in the client’s capacity for adjustment. He should have a belief that most individuals have a great capacity for adoption and adjustment. Hence he should rely on the strength within his client to adjust himself to every kind of situation.

Tolerance and Acceptance of Client’s difference of opinions

The counsellor should not think that all people should feel or think as he does. He should have tolerance for the differences of opinion and way of thinking of others from his surprise or shock at the expression of opinion of his client.

Personal Worth

The counsellor should have great personal worth. He should have a mature personality based on emotional stability, flexibility and adaptability. He should also have a great sense of humour and should show a grim and serious attitude all the time.

Scholastic and Educational Background

The counsellor should possess high intelligence and broad knowledge. He should have a good scholastic and educational background. He should also possess good common sense. He should be intelligent and hard working.

Leadership Qualities

The counsellor should possess leadership qualities. He should have the ability to stimulate and lead others.

Professional Dedication

The counsellor should have a professional dedication. He should be dedicated to the service of people, especially the service of students. He should be always willing to work on time besides his duty hours with a spirit of dedication for the profession.

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