Types of Open Book Examination

There are generally two types of open book exams:

  • Restricted Type
  • Unrestricted Type

Restricted Type Open Book Examination

A single set of notes or a single textbook are allowed as test materials in restricted exams. Students are allowed to bring one or more particular documents that have been accepted by the course teacher into the examination room during the limited kind of open-book exams.

Students may examine printed materials during the limited open book test, but not handwritten materials or printed materials that have not received previous clearance. The pupils’ printed assignments don’t include any annotations in the margins. The authorised materials serve essentially as annexes to the question paper in this kind of test. These tests don’t differ significantly from closed-book tests.

Unrestricted Type of Open Book Examination

There is no restriction on what may be brought into the exam room or for the take-home test during an unrestricted exam. Open-book exams that are unrestricted allow pupils to bring whatever they choose. In an unlimited open-book test, the students are allowed to bring anything they choose. Any books (with or without notes in the margins), lecture handouts, or handwritten notes are acceptable. The use of such exams necessitates that the course concentrates on a set of intellectual abilities rather than on the information content and that there be no topic-based questions on the test.

When implemented effectively, it will be useless for students taking unrestricted open book exams to refer to any materials they have brought since the questions will be constructed in a way that the solutions cannot be found in the textbooks, handouts, or class notes.