The University Grants Commission has developed the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) programme, which allows students to select from a list of required courses that are divided into core, elective, minor, and soft skill courses. Students can study at their own pace, and the evaluation is graded using a credit system throughout. The main goal is to consider the demands of the students in order to stay abreast of changes in higher education both domestically and internationally.

In order to stay up with the liberalisation and globalisation of education, CBCS seeks to reinvent the curriculum. Students are given simple access through CBCS to a variety of educational institutions located all over the world, as well as the option to transfer their acquired credits.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Choice Based Credit System

Advantages of Choice Based Credit System

  • The CBCS uses a “cafeteria” concept where students can select the courses they want to take.
  • Students can study anything they want in their sequence according to their interests according to the credit system.
  • The speed of their education is up to them.
  • They have the option to enrol in additional courses and earn more credits than are necessary.
  • They can also choose an interdisciplinary course of study.
  • Transferring credits makes it simple for students to transfer between colleges and universities both inside and outside the country. This means that it will be easier for foreign universities to come and offer courses in India.
  • one institute for one portion of the course and another institute for the other portion. Making a distinction between good and terrible colleges and institutes will be made easier thanks to this.
  • Students now have additional opportunities to develop their talents and to engage in projects, assignments, career training, and entrepreneurship.
  • The method enhances students’ employment options.
  • The method will make it possible for prospective employers to evaluate student achievement on a scientific basis.

Disadvantages of CBCS

  • It’s difficult to predict the precise grades.
  • The workload of teachers may change.
  • Need a suitable and effective infrastructure for the widespread distribution of education.