What is The Concept of CCE, Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

Education seeks to prepare kids to be productive, responsible, and valuable members of society. An educational system must include evaluation.

A system-based examination of pupils that considers all facets of their growth and development is referred to as a continuous and comprehensive evaluation.
The term Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) refers to a school-based assessment of students that is done continuously throughout the school year. It is comprehensive in that it covers co-scholastic areas such as performance in games and sports, physical education, creative education, art, music, dance, drama, other cultural activities, and personal and social development.

The Right to Education Act of India required a process of assessment that was ongoing and thorough. The Central Board of Secondary Education in India and the state governments of India have both implemented this method of evaluation for students in the sixth through tenth grades, as well as the twelfth in select institutions. If properly applied, the CCE technique is said to significantly alter the conventional chalk-and-talk teaching approach.

In this new system, grades rather than marks will be used to assess students’ performance in academics, extracurricular activities, and other areas. By giving students several little examinations throughout the year rather than a single large test at the end of the academic programme, the goal is to reduce the strain on them. Only Grades are given to students in order to evaluate and show an overall picture of their abilities. Grades are based on work experience skills, dexterity, innovation, stability, collaboration, public speaking, conduct, etc. This encourages kids who struggle academically to demonstrate their potential in extracurricular activities like the arts, humanities, sports, music, and athletics. It also serves to inspire students who are passionate about learning.

Objectives of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)

The objectives of the CCE scheme are:

  • To support the growth of emotional, psychomotor, and cognitive abilities.
  • should place less focus on memorising and more on the thought process.
  • To incorporate evaluation into the process of teaching and learning.
  • Utilizing assessment to enhance teaching and learning methods and student accomplishment based on routine diagnosis and corrective action.
  • To enhance performance standards through the use of assessment as a quality control tool.
  • To assess a program’s efficacy, acceptability, or societal value and make informed judgments concerning the learner, the learning process, and the learning environment.
  • To make learning and teaching a student-centred activity.