Disadvantages of Essay Type Test

  • These test items don’t put stress on the ability to the organisation subject matter learnt by pupils.
  • Pupils don’t get scope for making comparisons.
  • Pupils aren’t asked to summarise the material or to make applications of principles and of course which are valuable abilities in this type of test item.
  • This type of test item isn’t used to diagnose the learning difficulties of the pupils.
  • It is commonly said that the objective-type test items fail to check to cram.
  • Once an objective exam has been standardised, teachers will advise students on the test. The test will thereafter be worthless and useless to the students.
  • This test item, like the essay kind of test, fails to test the character-developing features.
  • It is frequently argued that preparing and administering objective-type test items is an expensive and time-consuming process.