What are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Objective Type Test

Advantages of Objective Type Test

  • These exam items are appropriate for current educational procedures since scoring is more objective.
  • These questions are devoid of the teacher’s preferences.
  • The examiner’s mood has no bearing on scoring.
  • This exam question allows students to become well acquainted with the topic content. The reason for this is that for a little writing, he may dedicate his time to contemplation and so answer numerous questions that he would otherwise have to write out in detail.
  • This test reduces the possibility of elimination. Although intelligent guessing benefits the student.
  • It is simple to score.
  • Pupils prefer this style of exam item because it eliminates the possibility of the teacher displaying personal prejudice or favouritism.
  • This form of test is educational for students since they are more engaged in answering it.
  • Cramming is discouraged by objective-type exam items, which stimulate thought, observation, and inspection.
  • These test items are more trustworthy and genuine.