What are The Advantages of Essay Test

  • A six-question extended answer essay exam is far easier to prepare and deliver than an equivalent 60-item multiple choice test.
  • It is the only method for evaluating an examinee’s ability to arrange and communicate his thoughts logically and clearly, as well as ineffective language.
  • It can be used successfully in almost all educational disciplines.
  • This sort of exam can evaluate some of the objectives, such as the capacity to arrange ideas effectively, the ability to criticise or support a statement, the ability to interpret, and so on.
  • This form of the test may best improve logical thinking and critical reasoning, systematic presentation, and so on.
  • It encourages healthy study habits such as drafting outlines and summaries, arranging arguments for and against, and so on.
  • Because they have the flexibility to respond, the student may demonstrate initiative, originality of thought, and the fertility of their imagination.
  • Students’ responses do not have to be correct or incorrect. There are several levels of comprehensiveness and accuracy available.
  • It virtually eliminates the guesswork.