What is External Evaluation in Education

This is an evaluation that is carried out when a course, curriculum, educational package, etc. is being established, with the main goal of determining whether it is required and, if so, whether it can reasonably be improved. The important aspect of all such evaluations is that they are intended to enhance the course, curriculum, or educational package while it is still feasible to do so, i.e., before the content is put into its operational form.

In the event of a large course that will be offered across the country or worldwide, such assessment must be explicitly carried out before the course design is finalised, the essential resource materials are mass produced, and the course is deployed. It must be completed before the final product is released in the case of an instructional package.

Importance and Objectives of External Assessment

  • To award the students with Degree/Certificate
  • To maintain standard of education
  • To place the students in merit.
  • For Comparison of student’s abilities
  • To evaluate the progress of Institution
  • Selection for Higher education
  • To get employment
  • Popularity/Standard of educational institution.
  • Selection of intelligent students.
  • Evaluation of teacher’s performance
  • Evaluation of objectives and curriculum.
  • Creation of good habits in students
  • Satisfaction and happiness of parents