Importance of Formative Evaluation

  • When there is no formative evaluation, there are numerous possibilities that your project may start and not address the true demand. Otherwise, the project could also be limited by uncontrollable external variables.
  • Both behaviour change and community-engaged programmes require and value formative evaluation.
  • Due to their complexity and requirement for few monitoring procedures, this type of project requires formative evaluation. Formative assessment is necessary to deal with unexpected events and react to emergent features.
  • A formative assessment might be used in the absence of successful input to improve the project’s execution. There are more opportunities to accomplish the project’s goal with this method.
  • Formative evaluation aids in the understanding of the numerous process modifications. With the use of formative evaluation, the real reasons behind what functions, what doesn’t, and why such things occur are discovered. By obtaining the additional knowledge needed, the project may be made successful, which will improve the design and execution of future projects.