What is The Scope of Evaluation in Education?

Evaluation entails deciding on the objectives for which educational activities are targeted as well as the tools and methods to be employed in gauging how far these objectives have been reached. Evaluation is more explicitly concerned with:

  • The amount to which the overall educational program’s objectives, aims, and activities suit the demands of the community as a whole and the various individuals.
  • Evaluation is concerned with how well these objectives are being achieved as measured not only by the characteristics and behaviour of the learners but also, and more importantly, by the progress they have made in achieving socially desirable goals as both individuals and members of the larger social group. To make improvements, the evaluation process entails assessing all components of the overall teaching-learning environment that support efficient and effective learning. This embraces (a) the organization and administration of the school, (6) the school curriculum, (c) the teaching-learning process, (d) the instructional materials, equipment, and facilities, and (e) the community life and social community relations.