Cultural Factors Affecting Personality Development

A group of people’s way of life is referred to as their culture. The type and style of interpersonal interactions, as well as the attitudes and behaviours of its citizens, are all influenced by culture. Culture also influences how the kid is treated inside the family. The personalities of various people raised in various civilizations differ from one another because cultural values vary from one society to another. Every culture has a unique method of instructing children and addressing their issues.

For example, overt aggression may be acceptable in some cultures but not in others. There are parents, families, and homes everywhere. Although they are ubiquitous, the specific manner in which they interact varies significantly among cultures, and this interaction greatly affects the child’s personality. Because of this, a child raised in Indian culture behaves quite differently than a youngster raised in Western society.

The personality is a reflection of the culture. It is referred to as the arbitrary component of culture. There is a fundamental personality type present in every culture, one that is composed of specific personality traits that are compatible with the institutions available there.