Bhatia’s Performance Test

This battery includes four sub-tests: Koh’s Black Design Test, Alexander Pass Along Test, Pattern Drawing Test, Immediate Memory of Sounds, and Picture Completion Test. The first of them involves arranging patterns printed on ’10 cards of increasing difficulty’ using coloured cubes. The aspect that contributes to a good score is speed.

The second section has graded tasks. The coloured boxes are put in reverse order, and the person must rearrange them to form the shape indicated on the card. Time is also a significant consideration here.

The pattern drawing test requires you to draw eight diagrams of increasing difficulty without raising your pencil or duplicating your lines. Consonants or numbers must be repeated in the same sequence initially and then backwards in the memory test.

To get the highest score, five photos sliced into 2, 4, 6, or 12 parts must be assembled in the smallest amount of time. The overall score for the whole exam is calculated and translated into IQs using the tables supplied in the test handbook.