What Are The Personal Factors That Influence Learning

On personal side there are some conditions which are basis to learning situation. Some of them are given below:

  • Learner’s physical and mental health: Learning is highly influenced by the learner’s physical and mental health, especially throughout the learning process. A youngster who does not maintain acceptable physical health must suffer in terms of academic progress. Similarly, the learner’s mental state and health at the moment of learning become important elements in determining the consequences of his learning. A nervous, emotionally and psychologically troubled student will not provide good results.
  • The level of desire and drive for achievement: The degree of aspiration and form of accomplishment motivation exhibited by a student have a significant impact on learning. A person must retain a decent degree of desire and accomplishment motivation. That is, his ambitions should not be too high, as this will result in his failure to attain any of his goals, nor should they be too low, as this will prevent him from attempting to reach goals of which he is fully competent.
  • Goal of life: The philosophy of one’s immediate and ultimate life goals influence the process and result of learning. His manner of looking at things, his interest in mastering a certain subject, and his patience and determination in pursuing his learning against the odds all depend on his life objectives and philosophy.
  • Readiness and willpower: A learner’s readiness and willpower to learn are major determinants of his learning outcomes. No force on the planet can assist a pupil who is not willing to work. Certainly, if somebody has the desire to learn anything, he would naturally seek out methods of effective learning.