What are The Basic Needs of Adolescence

The adolescent has certain pressing need. A brief description of them is given below:

  • Need to establish personal identity: Another requirement is for him to develop his identity: who am I, what are my strengths? And where do my flaws reside in my social environment? These are some of the essential questions that the young person is attempting to answer for himself.
  • It is necessary to state: It comprises the desire to be able to voice his thoughts, to be heard, and to be consulted on topics about them. Students and young people are the focus of research investigations. It has been identified as one of the most often expressed needs. Many mental issues have been caused by the denial of this essential psychological need.
  • Need for superiority: At this stage, the individual feels uneasy. He has a strong desire for security. He needs compassionate and kind treatment.
  • Recognition: The young teenager desires reorganisation from his parents, instructors, and peers. He wishes to be recognised for the job he performs. This entrances his reputation and helps to establish his self-concept.