What are the Characteristics of Infancy

The social chateracteristics of infancy are as under:

  • Social: At birth, the newborn infant is uninterested in humans. He is neither sociable nor antagonistic. He is outgoing. He is completely ignorant of society. He is unconcerned about social rules.
  • Sluggish growth: Social development occurs at a slow rate. When the newborn is taken up within the first two months, he stops wailing. He stops sobbing when he is spoken to around the third month. In the fourth month, the baby makes motions indicating that he is ready to be taken up and laughs when he is. By the fifth or sixth month, he reacts differently to smiling and scolding. At the end of the year, he exhibits fear of strangers and tears.
  • Initially restricted: The child’s social cycle is restricted. He only communicates with people who are responsible for him.
  • Playgroup: The first social development event occurs when he begins to play with his friends. He believes he has the right to take stuff from other youngsters. He does not donate his possessions to others.
  • Selfishness: The youngster exhibits selfish behaviour.
  • He believes that everyone should pay attention to him.
  • Temporary friendship: During this time, he forms friendships with other youngsters, but they are just temporary. He becomes friends with several youngsters in the morning, but the friendship dissolves in the evening, and he finds new pals.