Behavioural Theory of Counselling in Points

  • According to behavioural therapy ideas, people engage in problematic thought and behaviour when their environment encourages it. It would occur again if the environment reinforced or encouraged these difficulties.
  • It attempts to explain human behaviour by examining the factors and consequences present in the individual’s environment, as well as the learnt connections established from prior experience.
  • Behaviourism is a learning theory that holds that all behaviours are learned via conditioning, and that conditioning happens through contact with the environment. Environmental cues, according to behaviourists, affect human actions.
  • To change behaviour, behavioural therapy strategies such as reinforcement, punishment, shaping, modelling, and others are used.
  • These strategies have the advantage of being very targeted, allowing them to achieve quick and efficient outcomes.
  • Behavioural therapists assist clients in identifying the reinforcements that promote harmful habits of thinking and behaviour and replacing them with more desired reinforcements.
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