Psychoanalytic Approach To Counselling

1)Psychoanalytic therapy is a form of talk therapy based on Sigmund Freud’s theories of psychoanalysis. 

2)Thr approach explores how the unconscious mind influences our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

2)The main target of psychoanalytic therapy is to bring unconscious material into consciousness.

3)It guides and helps  the individual to become less controlled by biological drives.

3)The goal of psychoanalytic therapy is to help the people identify self-limiting patterns, heal from past experiences, and gain insight into how their unconscious mind influences their behaviour. 

4)Conceptualizing clients through a contemporary psychoanalytic lens can provide counsellors with a deep understanding of the past and present factors that are shaping people’s lives. 

5)This approach illuminates how adaptations formed during childhood can present as dysfunctional behaviours or cognitions in adulthood.