Man as a creator and destroyer

1)Man plays the dual role of a producer or creator and a consumer or destroyer of resources. 

2)Man offers his labour — primarily mental and secondarily physical—when he creates a resource. He interacts with Nature and builds up a cultural way of life. 

3)The relationship between man and the environment has been established in the early periods. Human beings live in the kingdom of nature and interact with it constantly. The influence of nature is in the form of the air he breathes, the water he drinks, the food he eats, and the flow of energy and information.

4)Humans impact the physical environment in many ways: overpopulation, pollution, burning fossil fuels, and deforestation. Changes like these have triggered climate change, soil erosion, poor air quality, and undrinkable water.

5)Deforestation, expanding agriculture, illegal fishing and hunting, unplanned tourism, and pollution by pesticides have also caused a progressive deterioration of natural habitats. The consequence is the loss of biodiversity and removal of forests that eliminates food and shelter, for forest-dwelling wildlife.

6)Some examples include the mining of natural resources like coal, the hunting and fishing of animals for food, and the clearing of forests for urbanization and wood use. Extensive overuse of non-renewable resources, like fossil fuels, can cause great harm to the environment.

Construction as well as Destruction  of Environment 

1)Equipped with the latest technological tools the economic man has been exploiting natural resources. The rate of exploitation is alarmingly high. To control the reckless exploitation, a group of people started warning man against the destructive use of the natural environment, who are called, the environmentalists. 

2) environmentalists are getting a lot of support from various sections of society and governments. As a result, almost all countries have remarked upon several areas where human imprints cannot be seen.

3)Such areas are called national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. In many cases, governments can create it into recreational spots. No doubt man is responsible for reckless exploitation, but it is he who plays a key role in suggesting ways for environmental planning and management. 

4) Despite knowing the destruction done by human beings, we should not forget that only man can repair the affected part of the environment. For example- If a man makes use of toxic insecticides and pesticides, it is he who suggests ways like organic farming. If he is involved in destructive activities of mining and deforestation, he only suggests ways like national parks and biosphere reserves.