Recommendations of N.P.E (1986)

1)The present status of Environmental Education in schools has its genesis in the National Policy of Education (NPE) 1986, in which ‘Protection of the Environment is stated as a common core around which a National Curriculum Framework (NCF) would be woven.

2) The National Policy on Education 1986 emphasized the need to create awareness of environmental concerns by integrating it into the educational process at all stages of education and for all sections of society.

3)The National Policy on Education of 1986 explicitly talks about the “paramount need to create a consciousness of environment which must permeate all ages and all sections of society beginning with the child” and recommends integrating environmental consciousness into the entire educational process.

4)According to the 1986 policy, National Council for Educational Research and Training acknowledges that Environmental Studies have been inducted into the primary, secondary classroom and higher secondary stages.

5)The schools and universities should facilitate learning-by-doing for students by encouraging students to undertake practical projects to learn about the environment. 

6)The school and university administrators should also encourage teachers to undertake such projects with students. Schools and universities should seek the help of organisations/experts working in this area such as the Centre for Environment Education (CEE) and CSE.

7)The colleges and university campuses should also play their part in adopting sustainable practices by auditing the campus buildings and infrastructure for resource consumption.