Objectives of Environmental education


Environmental education generates awareness regarding the environment, the issues of the environment, and the solutions for the problems. 

2) Information 

Environmental education helps a person gain knowledge and information about the current happenings in the environment. 

3) Identification 

Through Environmental Education, people can identify and realise the reasons behind the unfortunate consequences that our environment faces due to uncontrollable adversities. 


Through environmental education, individuals are encouraged to partition in saving and taking care of the environment as they become aware of the harm they can cause to their lives.

5)Creation of new Behaviour pattern.

Environmental education aims to create a new behaviour pattern and attitude towards the environment. This results in less harm as the new pattern is aimed at being environmentally friendly.

6)Understanding the Complexity of Environment

The environment that we humans live in is complex and involves various activities that happen within it. Environmental education fulfils the aim to make people understand the complexity of working in the environment and the process that occurs in it. By understanding this, people become more indulged in saving and protecting the environment.