Short Answer Type Test

1)In short-answer type tests, candidates are asked to provide a concise, yet thorough, written answer to a question, usually using complete sentences.

2)Short answer type tests check our ability to integrate what we have learned in the classes, readings, and discussions.

3)Short answer types of questions intends to remove the limitations of essay type  questions.

4)They are neither too lengthy like Essay types nor too short like objective tests.

5)Short  questions types do not require preface/introduction or conclusion. Direct answer should is the only demand of short answer type tests. 

Type of Short answer tests

Extended Answer Type:

The extended answer version includes questions which require pupils to write a brief description, draw a map, make a list, perform a calculation, and translate a sentence. Write down a definition or formula and so on. They are probably the commonest form of questions used in schools and are frequently used in examining Boards. They are deceptively easy to set and usually difficult to mark with any degree of speed and consistency.

Insert or Completion Type:

The commonest form of completion questions is one where the candidates are required to add one or two words to complete an incomplete statement correctly. Where the missing words are in the body of the statement to be completed, it is usually called an insert type whereas completion type is where the words are required at the end of the statement. 

Advantages of Short answer tests

1)Short answer tests usually take less than five minutes to read and answer, many take less than a minute. 

2)Short answer questions allows larger sampling of content. 

3) They tend towards greater objectivity in scoring.

4)More reliable and valid than essay questions.

5) Relatively easy to construct

6)Short answer questions can cover wide range of content, by reducing and guessing to some extent.

7)More objective compared to essay type of questions.

8) More accuracy due to more questions, where students need not much time to answer.

9)Assessment does not become so exhausting for teachers as in Essay type.