Objective Tests

  1. Objective-type questions are those that require a specific answer. An objective question usually has only one potential correct answer and there is no option to give any other opinion.

2)Objective means making an unbiased, balanced observation based on facts which can be verified.

3) Objective tests are useful to check that learners are coming to terms with the basics of the subject so that they have a firm foundation and knowledge. 

4) Objective type of tests have specific correct answers. For example- How much is 5 + 4?), such that no interpretation, judgment, or personal impressions are involved in the scoring. True–false tests are an example.

5) Objective types are useful because it can test a wide sample of the curriculum in a short time and can be marked easily.

what are the advantage and disadvantage of objective test

Advantages of Objective type tests

1.Objective type tests are suitable for the modern educational practices, as these enables the learners to become thorough in the subject matter. 

2.Chance of elimination is reduced in this test. Although intellectual guessing carries for the pupil.

3. Objectives type of tests enable the students to score good in exams.

4. Generally students prefers this type of test  as there is no chance for the teacher to show personal bias or favoritism and the mood of the examiner in no ways affects scoring.

5. Objective type test items avoids unnecessary filling and encourage thinking, observation and scrutiny.

6. These test items are more reliable and valid.

7. Objective type test items can be standardized easily by applying before handing it to a large number of students of the same age group before the actual examination.

Disadvantages of Objective type tests

1.Objective test items don’t put stress on the ability of organization of subject matter learnt by the students.

2.Objectibe type of test  isn’t used for the purpose of determining the learning difficulties of the candidates.

3.Objective type test items fail to check cramming.

4. Once an objective test is standardized, teachers will coach students on the test. After that, the test is meaningless and useless for the students.

5. Like essay type of test, this test items also fail to test the character building aspects.

6. It is often argued that preparation and use of objective type test items is an expensive and timely affair.

7.Students aren’t asked to summaries the material, which are valuable abilities in this type of test items.