Creativity and Personality

Personality traits of a creative person

Creativity is derived from the word ‘creo’ meaning to create’ or ‘to make.

It means to explore new relationships between ideas or thoughts, which would ultimately help any individual to solve the most complex problems of life. It gives a new fascinating turn to humanity and a Nation as well. 

Creativity is related to Cognitive Operations, which include Divergent Cognition, Convergent productions, Recognition of Ideas, Judging and knowing. Being a scientific process of thinking yields solutions to problems.

The personality profile of a creative person is recognised by his/her tolerance towards opposition, neatness and self-actualization ability. 

Creative individuals are not afraid of abstract objects and thoughts. They are apt to work instantly and have thought flow.

They are alert, confident, independent, imaginative, Persistent, energetic enthusiastic, Risk-takers, and Open-minded. They possess artistic interests and aesthetic perspectives.

The personality profile of a creative person is also determined by a person’s  Curiosity, Flexibility, Original Thinking, independent Judgement, Concentration power, Complex Thinking, High Energy Level, Courage, Power of Imagination, Desire for Superiority and Far Sightedness as well.

Creative people like to learn new things, so their free time can include reading books or watching videos on topics they find interesting. They often find it exciting or satisfying to take on the task of understanding concepts with which they are unfamiliar. Creative people may seek opportunities to learn new skills or perform better for personal reasons. They bring that curiosity to their work, often by asking questions. For example “why?”,  “Why not?” , “What happened if?” These questions aim to stimulate discussion around an idea and allow for experimentation. This approach can also serve as a brainstorming technique where the group tries to find ways to make something intangible or impossible a reality.

Creative people are willing to play with different ideas until they find the right one. The sense of playfulness means they enjoy the process rather than taking it too seriously. Sometimes the best ideas come about accidentally or unintentionally.

Flexibility supports their willingness to try new ideas and experiences. People with a strong sense of flexibility are also more comfortable adapting to change.

Creative people accept their mistakes because they see them as an opportunity to learn something new and grow from it.

Creative people are often aware of how much effort goes into their work. They understand that the perfect solution isn’t always easy, so they have to work hard to achieve it. When creative people are passionate about something, they will visualize their goals and work towards achieving them. These goals can vary, whether they involve completing a task or practising an activity until proficient at it.