Qualities of a Supervision

We have already known from the foregoing discussion that supervision is concerned with providing effective leadership through Cooperative working relations which is the democratic nature of supervision. This supervision is leadership oriented and contradicts the traditional inspection which is bureaucratic and authoritative. It implies that in modern supervision the supervisor plays his role as the leader of the group. He should play his role with dynamic understanding and a cooperative leadership attitude. He is supposed to be an expert and experienced person in this regard. In this type of supervision, the supervisors have to play their roles in a continuum with the purpose to stimulate, coordinate and evaluate the efforts of teachers and pupils for the sake of the improvement of the teaching-learning situation. Here it is essential to highlight the fan act that while the inspection is a time-bound task before the supervisors in nature.

Now supervision encompasses the activities and programmes for ensuring pupils’ educational development and teacher’s professional growth and improvement of the entire teaching-learning process. In this light, it can be visualized that in modern supervision the supervisor’s role encompasses the programs and activities beyond the traditional classroom visitation and in this way, supervision is comprehensive.

A supervisor should be aware of new trends in education, the latest techniques and recent issues in the field.  He should not merely assess the academic achievements of the school but he should also be attentive to the round progress of his institution. 

A supervisor should be an individual of experiments. He/she should be able to select forward-looking institutions, where the educators and the candidates possess a progressive outlook on education.

A supervisor should have a constructive mind as well. He/she should have a problem-solving attitude that would help and support the educators in coping with their problems.

Besides a supervisor should be able to plan his work thoroughly and should not undertake it randomly.

He/she should be a specialist in various languages and objects. He should be skilled in his communication as it is the most important thing that a supervisor should possess. Communication allows one to understand and to be understood by others properly.

Another important quality that a supervisor should possess is to know the organisation. To successfully carry out his functions, a supervisor should have high-sounding knowledge of the organisation, which would reflect his objectives, policies, programmes, and plans of the organisation.

The ability to listen and understand is another major point which is counted under the qualities of a supervisor. He should be a patient listener, who would not only listen to his colleagues, teachers, staff or candidates but also solve their problems effectively.

As we know that an orderly thought of a supervisor can have a great effect on his working so he /she should have a very crystal and clear view of his subjects to undertake multifarious duties diligently. To improve communication the supervisor should increase his skill as a discussion leader to provide the physical facilities that facilitate communication and to improve the group processes. Researches which has already been conducted in this area reveal that proper communication is related to the good morale of teachers and this exchange of information helps in good planning.