Diploma In Guidance and Counselling Ignou

1)IGNOU offers “The Certificate in Guidance programme”  caters to the needs of teachers, parents, social worker and others interested in guiding children aged between 5-11 years for their better learning and socio-emotional development. 

2) This is an awareness level programme that focuses on their overall development. It is a collaborative programme of the University and has been developed in collaboration with NCERT (National Council for Educational Research and Training).

3)IGNOU offers this Programme both in English and Hindi, and the School of Education has revised the learning materials and aspires to translate the material in other Indian languages also. Various schools in the country have been sponsoring teachers for this programme in groups

Aim of the course

1)The diploma program is aimed at upgrading and enhancing the abilities and skill set of in-service teacher educators, teachers, school administrators as well as untrained guidance personnel in order to ensure the holistic growth of aspirants and ability to handle their socio-emotional, academic and ethical issues with ease and expertise.

2)Diploma in Counselling & Guidance course helps candidates separately at the adolescent stage, as well as planned guidance programme held by the guidance personnel. 

3)This may assist students to enhance and create their interests, skills, abilities, as well as overall personality and adjustments and take the decisions whenever needed.

Scope of diploma in guidance and counselling 

1)After the  completion of this program, candidates may get career opportunities in areas such as NGOs, Educational institutes, News, Film Industry and Media, etc. 

2)Diploma in Counselling & Guidance candidates may work in profiles such as Marriage Counsellor, family Counsellor, Health Counsellor, School Counsellor, Career Guidance Counsellor, etc. 

3)The average pay-out for this program ranges from INR 2 to 10 Lacs as per their experience and expertise in this field.