Characteristics of Guidance and Counselling

1)Counselling is part of an extensive sector of applied psychology, which has been extended in the structures of career counselling as well as of guidance and sustenance of the individuals during their attempt to practice a career according to their skills and capabilities, or their endeavour to decide upon the psychological problems correlated with their educational and professional life.

2)Guidance and counselling is continuous process. It enables an individual to recognise their abilities and potentialities irrespective of their age for lifelong fulfilment due to which it is a continuous process.

3)Guidance and counselling take real-life situations into account and help the individual accomplish his or her goals according to these situations.

4)Guidance and counselling is a process of giving assistance to individuals to overcome their personal and psychological difficulties. It helps them go through the process of development.

5)Although guidance and counselling are terms generally used together, they are not synonymous. Counselling is a part of guidance and a specialized service of guidance.

6)Guidance and counselling is a process that helps individuals recognize their abilities and develop them to contribute to society.


1)It helps individuals to recognize their potential and enhance it.

2)It helps individuals to have a better understanding of the world around them, process the realities of the world, and have a more realistic perception of the same.

3)It helps individuals to solve problems related to the vocational, personal, and educational aspects of their life effectively.

4)It helps individuals to become responsible members of the society and to contribute their best for the growth of the society.

5)It helps individuals to be aware that life is difficult for everyone and enables them to live a balanced life free of tension and stress.

6)When individuals have various alternatives, guidance and counselling helps them to make the best decision.