Challenge of Guidance and Counselling in Zambia 

1)One of the studies indicated that challenges faced by guidance and counselling teachers included a lack of office space for guidance and counselling sessions, lack of training opportunities, high guidance counselling teacher-pupil ratio and limited support from school authorities and the Ministry of General Education.

2)The study concluded that the status of guidance and counselling in primary schools in Lilanda Zone was generally low going on the limited support it received from stakeholders and the challenges faced by teachers providing it. 

3)The study recommended that school authorities should provide appropriate and adequate infrastructure and materials for use by guidance and counselling teachers.

4) Ministry of General Education should deploy trained full-time guidance and counselling teachers in all primary schools.

5)The Ministry of General Education should ensure that all teachers not trained in guidance and counselling but performing these functions are appropriately trained.

6)The Ministry should come up with a policy that would ensure that guidance and counselling services are provided in all primary schools in the country.