To assist students at the time of need:

a) Students face many problems during their school life.

b)They may have problem in selecting a stream, difficulty in any subject, find problem in class.

c)So guidance process is followed to bring them out of any problem.

Guidance is based on individual differences 

 a)Each and every individual is different, So problems are also different.

b)The guidance process aims to provide guidance as per the need of the students.

Guidance is for all:

a) There is a myth in mind of people that guidance is for only abnormal people.

b) Guidance is a process that is meant for all people whether abled or disabled.

Guidance for channelization of ones strength:

Guidance provides help to identify strength and use that strength to achieve success in ones life.

Guidance is given to the students to choose their future course, which occupation they need to opt as per their interest, which would help the student to move in right direction and be successful.

Guidance is a continuous process 

a)The guidance is a life long process.

b)An individual take numerous decisions in life so every individual need guidance at every level.

c)Guidance process is not only helpful for students but also for school.

d)It helps the school to identify the problems from which the child is suffering and how to improve that also.

Aims of counselling 

1)Achievement of positive mental health

2)To make individuals  oriented for educational aims

3)Helps to resolve problems (anxiety, fear, attitude etc)

4)counselling for better decision making.

5)To encourage for developing  better attitude, behaviour, approach, etc.

6) To develop skills for better behavioural modifications for effective study.