Africa University of Guidance and Youth Development

The Africa University of Guidance, Counselling and Youth Development (AUGCYD) is a globally renowned University FULLY ACCREDITED by the Government of Malawi through the mandate of the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE). The AUGCYD is based in Lilongwe, Malawi and steadily spreading across Africa. The University prides itself on its quality courses, qualified lecturers, modern teaching and learning technology, and global recognition of its awards.

Main objective

To provide intellectual capacity building for effective delivery of diplomacy and international relations, guidance, counselling, youth development and leadership and management services through nurturing integrated innovation and skills.


1)Provide quality and accessible student capacity building in the areas of guidance, counselling and youth development using a variety of state-of-the-art resources and sources.

2)Provide capacity building in leadership and management .

3) Provide  capacity building in Diplomacy and international relations and other emerging Courses .

4) Award of Diplomas and Degrees to deserving candidates.

5) Award of professional licenses to deserving counsellors through the University’s Departments of Counsellor Registration Accreditation and Licensing.

6)Promote, support and advocate for research related initiatives and activities

7) Publish and publicize Journals on Diplomacy And International Relations, Guidance, Counselling and Youth Development

8)Confer honorary degrees and other awards to deserving citizens of Africa and beyond.

9)Provide community outreach services aimed at enhancing development through community involvement and participation.