Advantages and Disadvantages of Guidance and Counselling

Advantages of guidance

1)It assists the students to understand him.

2) It helps the student to get maximum out of the school.

3)It provides to the community with better adjusted citizens.

4) It avoids various problems which otherwise would lead to mental illness.

5)It helps the administrators to make admissions to various courses.

6)It helps the administrators to make best use of available resources (e.g. money, time, energy etc.) of the staff, students, parents and the community.

7)It helps in improving the relationships between the parent, the school and the university.

8)It helps the parents in understanding their child in a better way.

9)It helps the parents to get suitable and adequate information about various courses of study and vocations.

10)It helps in improving parent teacher relationship.

11)It provides for special provision for the education of gifted students, slow learners and handicapped students.

12) It helps the students in developing better personal social and emotional relationships.

13)It helps the teacher to know more about strengths and weaknesses of his students.

14) It enables the teacher to devise suitable methods so as to meet the specific and individual needs of the students.

15) Teachers come in closer contact with the students and can obtain useful information from them.

Disadvantages of guidance

1)Mostly these services are not properly organised.

2)Such services lack in men and materials.

3)More emphasis is being laid on psychological tests.

4)Existing conditions of life are too complex.

Advantages Of counselling

1)At this stage counselling is done to know the problem in learning process.

2)For better personnel development.

3)To prevent chronic effects of fear and anxiety that can affect learning.

4)Forgetting or deleting bad habits.

5)Trying new approach, behaviour, attitudes, etc so that better results can be obtained.

6)To know us better.

7)In school so many changes occurs so at different age counselling is very important to tell them how to manage with this.

8. To solve personal problems including relationship issues, anxiety, anger management, etc.

Disadvantages of Counselling

1)High risk of getting too Personal.

2) Unable to Provide a Sense of Belonging.

3) Candidates are deprived of Practical Wisdom.